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"Yente, the irrepressible matchmaker [is] winningly played by the petite but powerful Brooke Wetterhahn" 

- Hedy Weiss, WTTW Chicago

"[Yehezkel Lazarov's] comedic timing was matched well by...Yente, played by Brooke Wetterhahn. Wetterhahn also deserves applause for her part in Tevye's Dream. She stole the show every time she took the stage, including at the end when she says, "Next year, [in] Jerusalem," and your heart just breaks for the woman who has been cracking you up all night."

-Monica Hooper, Arkansas Democratic Gazette

"Apt comic relief comes from Brooke Wetterhahn, reveling in her double role as match-making Yente and Grandma Tzeitel."

-Michael Grossberg, The Columbus Dispatch

"[A] performer who captures several scenes is Brooke Wetterhahn...She plays the little old Jewish woman to a works for her."

-Andy Arnold, DC Theater Arts

"The whole town is a comedic and moving wonder to behold, from the exhausting matchmaker Yente (Brooke Wetterhahn) Tevye and Golde."

-Victoria Davis, The Cap Times

"It has all the elements that entertain and evoke emotion...With characters like the matchmaker Yente (Brooke Wetterhahn, who has excellent comedic delivery)."

-Mary Aalgaard, Play Off the Page

"Tevye and wife Golde (Maite Uzal) have five daughters that they are expected to marry off with the help of matchmaker Yente (Brooke Wetterhahn, whose comic timing is impeccable)."

-Michele Markarian, New England Theater Mirror

"I was also very impressed by Brooke Wetterhahn as Yente, the matchmaker. She was brilliant and played much older (in a good way) than her likely twenty-something years."

-Christopher Grum, The Rest of the Moose

"Tevye negotiates with his wife, the butcher and most spectacularly with Golde’s Grandmother Tzeitel (Hilarious and unsettling Brooke Wetterhahn) in the spectacular 'Tevye’s Dream'."

-Patrick White, Nippertown

"First up on the program was “I Got the Sun in the Mornin’ and the Moon at Night,” sung in a crystal-clear tone by Brooke Wetterhahn...Wetterhahn warmed up the room with her pipes."

-Deirdre Donovan,

" 'Tevye’s Dream,' [is] a sequence of inspired mayhem brought on by the ghost of Tevye’s mother-in-law (Brooke Wetterhahn, also giving great busybody as Yente)."

-Chris Gray, Preview | Houston Chronicle

"Matchmaker Yente [is played by] Brooke Wetterhahn with perfect timing"

-Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

"Brooke Wetterhahn creates a robust, comedic presence as Yente the matchmaker. When a customer complains the woman Yente arranged for his son to marry is almost blind, she fires back, "Tell the truth, Avram, is your son so much to look at? The way she sees and the way he looks, it's a perfect match."

-Paul Batterson, BWW Columbus

"Wetterhahn is spot on in her approach to the role of a woman whose important matrimonial function becomes challenged by the changing times and the danger of couples who seek to choose their own mates…their own loves."

-Kevin T. Baldwin, METRMAG

"[An] entertaining character was Yente (Brooke Wetterhahn). I am almost positive that every time Wetterhahn was on stage, the audience was laughing. It was not even at a joke, but just the demeanor and mannerisms of the character."

-Jordan Higginbotham, BWW Jacksonville

"Strong performances include...Brooke Wetterhahn (Yente)...Wetterhahn [is a] talented performer with a flair for perfect comedic timing." 

-Analisa Swerczek, BWW Nebraska

"Tradition say[s] they must have their marriages arranged through the “Matchmaker," Yente (Brooke Wetterhahn is a stitch)...[and] the dream sequence was amazing."

-Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

"One of the funniest scenes, “The Dream,” takes place in Tevye and Golde’s bedroom. Delivering messages from the grave, Brooke Wetterhahn was captivating as Grandma Tzeitel"

-Cindi Sansone-Braff, Smithtown Matters

"Brooke Wetterhahn as Logainne Schwartzandgrubenniere is an alpha female whose lisp is as strong as her political views"

-Megan Diehl, DC Theater Arts


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